Bedan Meetup

Not exclusive tho, anyone can come of course.

We called it Bedan Meetup because on July 29, the day of the meetup, is the day of the integration of the freshmen in High school, and because we couldn’t think of any other name and we think there will be a lot of Bedans who will come to this meetup, we called it the Bedan Meetup.

We want to get to know you guys a lot more but don’t worry, even if you aren’t a Bedan this meetup will be very memorable. It will be super fun, we promise.

In cooperation with migelitot, wakel, theomegalomaniac, iamarandomperson, crixxcrossed and other friends.

For more information text me at 0906259359*, jk. I won’t give my number in public. TA me to get the last number okay? Or you can text iamarandomperson at 092741781**. HAHAHA. Just TA us. Okay?

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    Yes, i’m going! ANIMO SAN BEDA! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Bedan or not, JUST GO! :>
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