So I drew this instead of finishing my script for writing class…

My favorite characters from my favorite games and I.

Six hours… Only thing I didn’t draw is the poster of songbird at the back. Tried out a different drawing style. I’m more used to drawing with black outlines everywhere. whooo

Credits to the person that made the songbird poster btw!

No copyright infringement intended. (I actually forgot where I got the photo. Sorry!!!)

In case you guys don’t know who these characters are:

Lutece Twins from Bioshock Infinite reference at the back.

The little black guy is an Enderman from Minecraft.

Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 is the girl in the pink shirt.

The Medic from Team Fortress 2 is the guy in glasses.

And the short-haired girl would be me. lol

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So my friends in college and I are currently addicted in Team Fortress 2 (we literally stay up until 4AM playing this game) that we decided to draw ourselves in our best class. I would have been our team’s engineer but my friend’s boyfriend is a better engineer than me so… Meet the Medic! 

Although I haven’t finished this yet because I haven’t drawn Archimedes yet and the background but look at the medigun I drew!!!! I’m so happy!!!

If you wanna meet my Heavy and the Engie, click here

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Advocacy poster I made for MGRAPH2 (Second Graphic Design class)

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This image was taken during the Pulp Summer Slam 2013 during the Royalty Meet and Greet with A Skylit Drive.

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Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, takes this dog’s cookies. (No matter how allergic they are to them.)

A short animation I made for my 2D Animation class when we were discussing frame-by-frame animation. I instantly fell in love with how I make these things and I’m constantly creating these now.

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A book cover I made for my graphic design class. Although, I actually just vectored a scene from the movie itself.

No copyright infringement intended.

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Everything you need to know about me. :)

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Energize yourself.

A poster I made for my graphic design class when we were discussing about vectoring and bleeds. 

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This post is for my Theory in Art and Design (FSTHEOR) class.

People these days tend to strive for beauty through wearing make-up and clothes they aren’t too comfortable in. Most people even post-process their photos in Photoshop and edit out the blemishes or make themselves look thinner or exaggerate their eye so they look bigger or their lips, some also enhance the color of their photos or the curves of their body. I don’t think that people actually understand that no matter what, no one is perfect. No one has the perfect body, or the perfect eyes, or the perfect face, media and society just puts up all these descriptions of what beauty or perfection is when in fact, everyone is beautiful and perfect, even if you have dark skin or you’re missing an eye or something. We don’t have to strive to be something we are not. Beauty is something we all already have; we just have to be ourselves. We tend to try and exaggerate things that make us look not ourselves, even inhuman or more human than human. We must learn to be happy with ourselves because for me, being able to accept yourself is the true definition of beauty.

The photo of me and my friend, France, is an attempt to show what people look for in society’s or media’s definition of “Beauty”: fair skin, big eyes, pink lips, long hair and long legs (although we were not really able to show the “long legs” part). We exaggerated the part wherein I had lighter skin and France doesn’t have freckles on her face. Although we are proud of what we really look like and who we really are, most people try to fit in just so that people would notice them.

People’s goal should not be to fit in but to stand out. No matter what you look like, you should be proud of who you are. Standing out is better than trying hard to fit in because standing out, although does not always guarantee a positive outcome, would still be a lot better because you get to keep your attitude and personality, who you really are, and I guess knowing who you really are and accepting who you are is the perfect definition of beauty.

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Brian White of A Skylit Drive signing my arm. :”) Credits to Mark Terence Sy and to Pulp Live World!

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