This image was taken during the Pulp Summer Slam 2013 during the Royalty Meet and Greet with A Skylit Drive.

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Cubist Style Leaves

Creating this artwork proved to be harder than I initially thought it would be.

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Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, takes this dog’s cookies. (No matter how allergic they are to them.)

A short animation I made for my 2D Animation class when we were discussing frame-by-frame animation. I instantly fell in love with how I make these things and I’m constantly creating these now.

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A book cover I made for my graphic design class. Although, I actually just vectored a scene from the movie itself.

No copyright infringement intended.

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Everything you need to know about me. :)

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Energize yourself.

A poster I made for my graphic design class when we were discussing about vectoring and bleeds. 

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This post is for my Theory in Art and Design (FSTHEOR) class.

People these days tend to strive for beauty through wearing make-up and clothes they aren’t too comfortable in. Most people even post-process their photos in Photoshop and edit out the blemishes or make themselves look thinner or exaggerate their eye so they look bigger or their lips, some also enhance the color of their photos or the curves of their body. I don’t think that people actually understand that no matter what, no one is perfect. No one has the perfect body, or the perfect eyes, or the perfect face, media and society just puts up all these descriptions of what beauty or perfection is when in fact, everyone is beautiful and perfect, even if you have dark skin or you’re missing an eye or something. We don’t have to strive to be something we are not. Beauty is something we all already have; we just have to be ourselves. We tend to try and exaggerate things that make us look not ourselves, even inhuman or more human than human. We must learn to be happy with ourselves because for me, being able to accept yourself is the true definition of beauty.

The photo of me and my friend, France, is an attempt to show what people look for in society’s or media’s definition of “Beauty”: fair skin, big eyes, pink lips, long hair and long legs (although we were not really able to show the “long legs” part). We exaggerated the part wherein I had lighter skin and France doesn’t have freckles on her face. Although we are proud of what we really look like and who we really are, most people try to fit in just so that people would notice them.

People’s goal should not be to fit in but to stand out. No matter what you look like, you should be proud of who you are. Standing out is better than trying hard to fit in because standing out, although does not always guarantee a positive outcome, would still be a lot better because you get to keep your attitude and personality, who you really are, and I guess knowing who you really are and accepting who you are is the perfect definition of beauty.

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Brian White of A Skylit Drive signing my arm. :”) Credits to Mark Terence Sy and to Pulp Live World!

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Before all else, HELLO MAY!!

Anyway, so most of you may not know that I listen to metal or post-hardcore bands. (They are pretty entertaining, okay.) And since I’m a fan of the band, A Skylit Drive, I learned that they would perform at the Pulp Summer Slam this year (April 27, 2013 at the Amoranto Stadium)!

"PULP Summer Slam is an annual music festival in the Philippines… The festival consists of local and international rock and metal bands with the occasional line-up of other genres."

So yeah, basically we went to the event. It was my first time to go to the Slam but my friend and I still got the Royalty passes (VIP) ‘cause of the perks!!

Sulit ‘di ba?  Well, it was super worth it since the experience was more enjoyable ‘cause of the snake pit and if we get tired, we would just sit down inside and chill, eat pizza and drink. Stuff like that. Plus we met our all-time favorite band, A Skylit Drive!!!

So yeah, here’s my experience through pictures.

Le stage

Chicosci! I love Miggy Chavez now. (Sorry Nima.)

Philia. We were actually on our way to the general merch tent when we heard this girl shout we literally looked at each other and ran to the stage (Gail and I (Gail’s the friend who bought the royalty pass too!) ran to the snake pit) ‘cause it’s not everyday you hear a girl scream. She’s pretty too and I didn’t know until yesterday that THAT girl is Arci Munoz. Whoo~

A SKYLIT freaking DRIVE!!!!! I don’t have a picture of them as a whole while they were on the stage though (:c) But UGH THEY ARE JUST….. AMAZING, AWESOME, COOL, HOT, every good word the mind could think of. They deserve to play more, y’know. And they’re the nicest band!!! They hung out with the fans even if their set was finished. My friend, Gail, even got a photo with Cory La Quay (the drummer). I’m a big fan of Brian White (the bassist and the guy that screams for the band (upper right photo)) but I wasn’t able to take a photo with him. Boo. :c Then there’s Kyle the keyboardist (the guy holding the bass with the A (he does the bass when Brian is busy screaming)), Nick the guitarist (bottom left) and Jag the singer (bottom right). They are really an amazing band.

Dragon Force. I’m not really a big fan of them but I could say that they were awesome!! If you guys play Guitar Hero 3, you may know some of their songs. (I forgot which though)

This is my last set of photos. As I Lay Dying. I could say that they stole the show. With all those pyrotechnics and fans cheering for them, everyone was pretty much hyped up during their set. Even I, who’s not a fan of theirs, really loved their show. 

There were more bands like Circa Survive, Cannibal Corpse, Coheed and Cambria, Amoral, Mr. Bones and the  Boneyard Circus (local band), and Kamikazee. I can say that every band was awesome and each had their own thing to make the audience really hyped up for their set but I wasn’t able to take photos of them since we still had to hang out with our friends who didn’t buy the royalty passes. Still, it was super fun and hands down to PULP for an amazing event. Wish you guys luck and bring A Skylit Drive for Bazooka Rocks!!

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Potterhead forever <3

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